Overview All you need to run your surfboard business.
  • Client Management Shaperbuddy lets you to keep all relevant customer information under one place, no matter which type of client you work with or which channel they buy from. All board order, sales history, board preferences, CAD files and feedbacks are saved and checked in an easy way. Leverage your contacts, engage and build better relationships. Takeoff with Shaperbuddy. Learn More
  • Orders Management Create, edit and control Customer orders, no matter their origin. Create sales orders, manage board production orders or repair orders. Manage online orders, wholesale account orders, sales rep orders or direct customer orders, controlling on the way invoices, payments and shipments. All under one central and easy to use system. Takeover. Learn More
  • Production Control Depending on volume and team experience board production can be a tricky area to manage and control. Shaperbuddy helps you run your production smoothly, from anywhere at all times, independently if you do it all yourself or use contractors. It allows you (and your Clients) to track in which stage boards are, assign team work and control material and labor costs in a much automated way. Learn More
  • Stock / Inventory Management Do you know how many new or used boards you have ? All under your roof? Consignments? Team boards, Borrowed boards…? Shaperbuddy features an unique and integrated stock management system that allows you to get in control over stocks. Control new and used board numbers, board whereabouts, shop stocks, consignments, online stocks and much more. Get in control and sell more with Shaperbuddy. Learn More
  • Cost Control Shaperbuddy goes beyond Client management, orders, production or inventory management. It’s a full Board Manufacturing Business System that allows you to control direct board production costs, from labor to contractors and raw materials. All integrated under one easy and beautiful system. Learn More
  • Reports & Analytics Shaperbuddys’ detailed and easy to read reports can give you a better control and foresight into your business with up-to-date clean data from Board Sales to Stocks, helping you make better decisions and increase cash flows and profits. Learn More
  • Online Presence Shaperbuddy delivers powerful web features and integrations allowing you to step up easily to a real online presence. Fully integrated online orders, surfboard model information, live board stocks and dealers info come standard with system, as a new full customized factory website can be designed per request. Learn More
  • Cad Files Management Shaperbuddy Cad File management lets you classify, index, attach and backup your board Cad machine cutting files allowing for an easy search and use any time you need them. And anywhere, as long you have a web connection. Learn More
  • Invoicing We offer a one stop management tool for the board Manufacturing Industry, so invoicing is coming with it. Shaperbuddy integrates everything in a way to help you get your finances dialled so you can focus on the important stuff like board building. Learn More
  • Marketing Email marketing, social networks integrations, website content management and integrations… Shaperbuddy provides the right tools along with the right information so you can take the lead and target your audience with the right message, helping you build long lasting relations and convert sales along the way. Learn More
  • Multi Warehouse Manage inventory across multiple locations easy and efficiently with Shaperbuddy’s “Multi Warehouse” platform. Create multiple warehouses, transfer stocks and control inventory plus product movements between them. Easy now.
  • Multi User Shaperbuddy features a multi-user platform allowing all team working together more efficiently. It lets you define team member’s access levels according to their tasks, saving on the run all user interactions so you can see who has done what and when.
  • Multi Language Shaperbuddy is a multilingual system translation ready for English, Portuguese – Brasil and Spanish (other languages coming soon), allowing for local users and web customers to choose their preferences.
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Shaperbuddy is a One & Only management tool designed specifically for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, covering and solving all relevant management needs, from production to commercial.

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