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Takeover and Takeoff

Shaperbuddy will put you in control while maximizing resources and time for selling


  • Know and connect with your customers

    Keep customers coming back. All customer data, sales history, board orders, board preferences, cutting files and customer feedbacks get saved under one place, letting you take the lead, engage with knowledge and build long-term relations.

  • Dial production and costs

    Take control over production and keep it running smoothly. Plan your work and control what's going on independently if you do it all yourself or use external contractors. Do it while getting control over costs, from raw materials to internal labor or contractors. No more accounting nightmares.

  • Know your numbers troughly

    Dial all your important numbers easy. Board stocks, general inventory, overall sales, open balances, team costs... All available over a click allowing a better control and foresight into your business, helping you make better decisions and grow your board business smarter.

  • Access anywhere

    A cloud based system means it will always be accessible independently of where you are. You just need to snag a device with an internet connection to take care of your business and costumers. With Shaperbuddy you'll never lose track while keeping close to what's important.

  • All-in-One

    Production, Inventory management, Orders, Client management, Invoicing, Web content management, Costs... all tied together and managed in one simple program, saving you time and money.



  • Increase productivity

    Fulfill orders faster, plan production and keep it running smoothly, maximize team work, get your numbers fast, keep track on sales... you'll cut paperwork and reduce time spent in administration. Shaperbuddy keeps you organized and improves your business productivity saving precious time and money.

  • Expand your online presence

    Shaperbuddy shows live information (like board stocks) over different channels, accepts and integrates online orders and connects with retailers or final customers. Plus, there's custom Website Design & Development available, along with Email Marketing and Ecommerce features. You'll step up to an online presence like never before.

  • Tighten sales partnership

    That's right. Shaperbuddy works in a way to protect your sales partners, promoting long-term partnerships. At a glimpse: partners information and board stocks go live in your website, you can allow specific shop pick-ups at your own online sales order or redirect and share online orders. All increasing shop traffic, stock rotation and general sales potential. The more you protect your wholesalers the more they'll order from you.

  • Increase Ordering

    Shaperbuddy allows Brands to connect, expand and increase visibility over different sales channels, resulting in additional traffic over the web, own shops or retailers. Plus, with system's cloud features your team can capture orders on-the-go wherever your customers are.

  • Maximize your time

    Having everything organized under one only system that cuts paperwork and reduces time spent in several headache control tasks means conquering time back. Time to innovate, to focus on business, to surf, to enjoy. Priceless.

  • Grow sustainably

    More control = More efficiency = Less waste = Sustainability Increase. Shaperbuddy naturally helps on growing sustainably either local, regional or globally.

  • Increase sales & profit

    When you get the right insights and maximize time to focus on business, get production costs dialed, increase productivity, tight sales partnerships and expand your online presence increasing orders and stock rotation, Sales & Profit will increase naturally.

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Shaperbuddy is a One & Only management tool designed specifically for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, covering and solving all relevant management needs, from production to commercial.

Take Control and Takeoff Shaperbuddy will put you in control of your business fast, helping with the right tools to let you focus on customers and grow sales.

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