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  • What is Shaperbuddy ?

    Shaperbuddy is an All-In-One Management Software System designed and developed from scratch specifically for the Board Manufacturing Industry after compiling the needs and wishes of Industry Leaders, Veteran and Up an Coming Board Builders.

    It offers extensive features covering and solving all board building management areas, from production control to commercial & marketing, solving real needs of this specific industry.

  • What does Shaperbuddy do ?

    More than you can imagine… Shaperbuddy addresses a lot of issues:

    Invoicing – it invoices, register payments, controls balances and accounts

    Orders Management – it registers all your different kinds of client board orders in a simple, fast & organized way

    Accepts Online orders – it accepts and integrates online orders from different channels

    Manages Clients – it registers all your clients’ personal data and preferences, along with their board history, cut files, etc.

    Manages Production – it controls your production informing which stage and where your boards are, letting you plan ahead and optimize your flow

    Board Stock Management – it controls your board stocks, it publishes your stock over different channels, informing your audience of your stock and let you act prompt over dead stock

    Raw materials / Inventory Management – it controls your materials, informing you automatically when some goods go below a certain level

    Cost Control – it will dial you with production and labor costs and materials costs without endless hours of boring paperwork

    Team Rider Management – it controls your board investment with team, manages delivered boards, team profiles and board preferences, among others

    Cad / Cut Files Management – it lets you save and manage board cutting cad files as attaching them to production orders & customers.

    Reporting & Analytics– It gives you access easy to read reports helping you make smart decisions about your running business.

    Expands Online presence – It expands and step your business into a full online presence through website development/integration and different channel connections…

    Accounting Integration – it integrates* with Xero and QuickBooks creating an end-to-end business management system. *ongoing works

    & more

    So say goodbye to painful excel sheets, multiple web apps and complicated accounting integrations and welcome productivity, efficiency and time saving with Shaperbuddy.


  • Is Shaperbuddy only for surfboard manufacturers?

    No. Shaperbuddy can be profited by any type of “summer board sports” manufacturers like, SUP, Kayak, Kite surf and Windsurf factories.  The similarities between production techniques and business processes lead us to develop a software solution that could be used with success among the industry production chain.

  • I am a Glass House, is this for me ?

    Yes for sure. You’ll get the same management control and benefits as any full construction factory. All your services get controlled, there’s cost control, you can invoice, get clients balances, etc. Plus your industry costumers get to know automatically when their orders are ready, when you ship…

  • I am a small Manufacturer / Brand. Can I beneficiate from Shaperbuddy?

    The majority of board builders are not big at all and each business is unique independently its size. Shaperbuddy was developed in a way that it would be profitable by any size of Board Manufacturing Factory. E.g. If you build 200 boards a year and plan to expand while getting organized, Shaperbuddy is your tool. Plus, you’ll start paying according to your board production volume prevision, so there’s nothing to worry.

  • Do I have to install any software?

    No. The system is a cloud base solution so there’s no need to install any software and no initial investment in expensive hardware as well. Shaperbuddy runs over the web, meaning that you can access from anyplace where an internet connection is available. It works like your Gmail or Yahoo accounts, you just introduce your login and password and you are good to go.

  • How can I ask for a trial?

    Send us a message. We’ll be glad to give you either a quick tour or a full demo over Shaperbuddy and answer all the questions you may have. Please reach us here.

  • How long will it take to get up and running?

    Shaperbuddy was designed to be intuitive to set up and use whilst not sacrificing functionality. We will work beside you to help setting system up for your business reality so you can get started immediately with the basics and then move to more specialized as you feel comfortable and need them. The more committed you are the faster it will go.



  • Is my data safe and secure with Shaperbuddy ?

    Yes. The safety and security of your data is our #1 concern. We use the proven Amazon Web Services for managing, storing and backing up all your data, along with industry-standard 256 bit SSL security for data transmission.

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Shaperbuddy is a One & Only management tool designed specifically for the Surfboard Manufacturing Industry, covering and solving all relevant management needs, from production to commercial.

Take Control and Takeoff Shaperbuddy will put you in control of your business fast, helping with the right tools to let you focus on customers and grow sales.

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